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Meet our stallholders

Wayne has been fishing professionally for decades. 


In a very heavily regulated industry, Wayne and his wife Linda are subject to the vagaries of weather, tides, catch limits and size restrictions.  Truly fresh and seasonal food.


Wayne and Linda's fish is therefore the most local, fresh fish it's possible to buy.


Corner Inlet is home to many fish species, and most commonly Wayne has gummy shark, king george whiting and flathead available for you to buy at the market.

Lyn and Andrew Jamieson craft extra virgin olive oil or exquisite aromas and flavours from olives grown on their property at Fish Creek.  


Since 1999 they have owned and operated their olive groves and processing facility, growing seven oil-producing olive tree varieties originating from Italy, Greece and Spain.  


Since 2009, they have submitted some of their best varietal Golden Creek Olives Extra Virgin Olive Oils in the Australian National EVOO Competition and each year they have excelled. The 2014 awards were no exception, with a Gold, a Silver and a Bronze being awarded.

There are two enterprises at Amber Creek Farm: sawmilling and timber framing plus growing high quality pasture raised pork for local customers.  


Amber Creek Farm pigs live in grass paddocks with unfettered access to water, shade and choice of pasture.  their pasture diet is supplemented with grain, fruit and vegetables.  You will taste the difference when you buy Amber Creek Farm pork products, produced with an emphasis on quality, nutritive value, local provenance, flavour and integrity.  


Products include delicious thick-cut bacon, homestyle ham, polish sausage (gluten free), cabana (gluten free) and cheese kransky.  


Bulk packs of approximately 10kg  are also available.



Charles Schmidt offers only one product for sale at the Prom Country Farmers Market.


But what a product!  


Handmade apple strudel, with 70% apple sourced from orchards in Warragul.


Charles offers strudel by the slice or as a whole log.  


We suggest you take home a log for your family dessert.


It freezes well for later use, and is totally delicious.

Silvia, with her partner Paul and their boys Sebastion and Gabriel are the proud owners of Deep Creek Nursery in Foster.  


Silvia became interested in the importance of growing her own heirloom vegetables from open pollinated seed when she found it hard to find the old fashioned, rich flavoured varieties.  Silvia now propogates many of these seeds and offers a range of heirloom vegetable seedlings, herbs, edible and medicinal plants and some native plants.


Each month she offers bouquets of beautiful bunches of seasonal native flowers as well.


Silvia is happy to chat with customers, and to give advice about the conditions her seedlings prefer.  

Juneen has been attending the market since its inception and is one of the driving forces behind its operation.


She is an excellent cook who is passionate about seasonal food and local produce.  


With the exception of her delicious fruit cakes and anzac biscuits which don't have any fresh food in them, the baking and preserves that Juneen makes contain fresh seasonal ingredients, many of which she has grown in her own permaculture garden.  

Juneen's cumquat marmalade and lemon butter are always popular, and her fresh salad dressing is a treat.


Juneen's fruit cake is legendary.  It's rumoured that people in Foster have given up making their own fruit cakes and just keep one of Juneen's on hand at all times!



Mirboo Farm is a 10 acre small commercial garlic producer run by Kirsten and David Jones, who are moving into their 6th year of production.


Kirsten uses organic methods to produce around 500kg of Red Italian hardneck, Monaro Purple, and Red Italian softneck varieties, outstanding in flavour and juiciness, and easy to peel.  New this season is Spanish Roja, a long storing variety that will keep through till September.


This season's garlic will be available for eating and planting through till May. 

In addition to growing garlic, managing a huge herd of six angus steers, and some wayward chooks, Kirsten and her daughter Felicity also enjoy running a local produce business, The Meeniyan Store, focusing exclusively on bringing our wonderful local produce straight from the farm to a store. Kirsten also manages the kitchen garden there.

At Oak and Swan Sourdough we make organic, wood fired, stoneground sourdough.


We mill our flour in the bakery every week using biodynamic and organic grain to create fresh, whole, natural flours with no additives.


Our hand shaped, free form loaves are baked in a wood fired oven on our farm at Mardan.


Our bread is 100% sourdough, with no yeast, sugar, ascorbic acid, preservatives or anything else except for organic fruit, vegies, nuts, seeds, spices, herbs, grains, and Pink Lake salt.


Our sourdough varieties include 100% Spelt, 100% Rye, Seeds and Sprouted Wheat, Fruit, Beetroot, and Fennel, Preserved Lemon, and Rosemary.


Foster Primary School hosts a fundraising stall for the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program, selling delicious hot food, takeaway meals, merchandise, and fresh fruit and vegetables.


Popular offerings include the lamb kofta with tzatziki, spicy dahl, egg and bacon sandwiches, and chocolate brownies. The stall provides a valuable connection to the greater community for the local school.


Staffed by volunteers and school students, all proceeds go towards supporting the popular education program, which teaches students the love of gardening, food and cooking from homegrown, seasonal produce.


'The fundamental philosophy that underpins the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program is that by setting good examples and engaging children's curiosity, as well as their energy and their taste buds, we can provide positive and memorable food experiences that will form the basis of positive lifelong eating habits.' 

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